There are several ways you can support the Neil Rogers Audio Restoration Project.

#1 Donate Audio

Do you have any audio of the Neil Rogers Show or other South Florida talk radio shows that you would like to share? Check our archives to see if we have a show from that date. If the show is before 1999 and it already exists in our archive, we may still be able to use your audio. Most of the shows before 1999 are partial. Some are good quality and some aren’t. We can date the show and add to the archive.

Email [email protected] Thank you!

Rick and Suds tape

#2 Listen and Write Show Notes

Our goal is to not only collect as much audio as possible but to index all the shows and make the topics searchable. Many of the shows from 2001-2009 do not have notes. Our goal is to have notes for every recovered show. This will make it easier for Neil fans to find the shows they are looking for.

  1. Listen to show and jot down topics
  2. Email notes to [email protected] along with the show date.

Your notes will show up on this website.

#3 Find Lost Drops

See our Looking For Audio page for the list.

#4 Share and Like

You may not have audio or photos to share, but others absolutely do. The more you share links to this project, the more likely we will build a larger audience and find those individuals holding more media. We all benefit.

#5 Do You Know Someone That Works For Yahoo!?

In 1999 Yahoo! acquired, which archived the Neil Rogers Show in the early days. We need the shows from December 30, 1997, to January 19, 1999. They will be in Real Audio format. Below is a list of URLs that might be clues as to what servers or backup archives these audio files might be found. Please help us recover these show. (example)

Yahoo! will also have shows from 2000 to May 2002, which we need for our archives. I am absolutely convinced these shows exist somewhere on a Yahoo! server that the public does not have access to.