Miami Herald Covers the Neil Rogers Audio Recovery Project

by Michael Allen Smith - July 6, 2020

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Jose Lambiet for a story about this website and the YouTube channel we created as a tribute to Neil Rogers.

Miami Herald story on Neil Rogers project
Talk host Neil Rogers is dead, but his radio archive lives on

It is a good article and I hope it attracts new fans and maybe new audio will be recovered.

Side note: If you know someone that works inside Yahoo!, read the Support section on our Docs page.

There were a few minor errors, which are probably to blame on my cell phone, which cut out several times during the interview.

Here are some additional notes on the timeline of the project:

The archive has almost 1,900 shows. Over 2,000 if you count other shows besides NEIL. This is 5,000 hours of commercial-free audio.

My Tribute to Radio's Neil Rogers — Blog post on the early history of the project

John Baker was the NEIL expert. Much more than me. I was the technical guy. When Eric Harold died, I stepped in to help out, because I have a background in programming, databases, and creating websites in general.

Thank you for supporting the Neil Rogers Audio project. You can learn more here:

The full-length original article is no longer online. You can see an archived copy here.