Learning to Spell with Neil Rogers

by Michael Allen Smith

Below are some common spelling mistakes associated with the Neil Rogers Show.

  1. NEIL not Neal
  2. ROGERS not Rodgers
  3. JORGE not George
  4. GLEN HILL not Glenn Hill
  5. STAN MAJOR not Stan Majors
  6. JEFF RIMER not Jeff Rimmer
  7. RANDI RHODES not Randy Rhoads
  8. FLEE Feldman not Flea Feldman
  9. The music producer, guitar player and member of Chic is NILE RODGERS not Neil Rogers.
  10. Phil HENDRIE not Phil Henry or Phil Hendry
  11. BRYAN COX not Brian Cox
  12. ERIN SOMERS not Erin Summers
Neil Rogers
Neil Rogers, May 2008