Y100’s ratings soar; WQBA continues slide (July 18, 1978)

Miami News July 18, 1978 by Sherry Woods
Arbitron, Neil Rogers, Bill Calder, Alan Courtney, Craig Worthing, WZTA-4, WNWS, WINZ, WIOD, WKAT, WHYI

2 thoughts on “Y100’s ratings soar; WQBA continues slide (July 18, 1978)”

  1. Now I can understand why Ucola Katzentine decided to leave the radio business and sell WKAT AM 1360, Miami Beach, for a paltry $1 million to Hernstadt Broadcasting Company in 1978: WKAT’s ratings plummeted after it no longer had the Miami news/talk radio market to itself beginning in 1976, and Neil Rogers left the station two years later.

    BTW, I worked for WKAT from July 1979 to August 1989 as a board operator and overnight announcer, and unfortunately, I missed the station’s glory days. I cried today over this; had I been smart enough to study broadcasting when I first entered college in 1970 after graduating high school, I might well have had the opportunity to work at WKAT earlier than I did.

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