One thought on “WIOD airs weekly tribute to late Alan Courtney (October 16 1978)”

  1. Alan Courtney, does the name ring a bell~ way,way back , was the beginning of my late night radio listening entertainment, I was very young but still listening today with WIOD, in South Fl, I even remember his (Alan’s) commercials with one of them being a German Restaurant in the old Sears Mall on Hollywood Blvd. Fl, and a few others like one on Biscayne Blvd that has slipped my memory temporarily but later became the Pepper mill in Aventura but he then he moved to a gated condominium (closed now) near Sunny-isles and Collins Ave. with the same Swiss owner. I never ever hear Alan’s name mentioned what I think is a bit shameful because he was the one talk show host who invigorated my and many more possibly listening for all these years including today!
    What brought me here today was a still existing sign at the “Saturn Motel” on about 60th and Biscayne Blvd. with the proud faded standing sign written “Air Cond” Color TV” that has to put a smile on ones face, however’ when millennial’s view the sign or younger yet , I’m just wondering what they’re thinking but the newer sign underneath that sign say’s ” Cable T.V. Movies Free local calls” Thank you for reading!

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