Miami Herald, The (FL) August 8, 1985
Author: LINDA THORNTON Herald Staff Writer

Sure, the South Florida radio market is fiercely competitive, and most
local broadcasters would rather choke on their microphones than talk positively
about their rivals.

But do they listen to, even like, announcers on other stations?

I asked disc jockeys and talk show hosts to name one broadcaster they
admire at another local station. Four out of five talk hosts had to be coaxed
into answering, and even then, two wouldn’t name anyone. Another compromised by
naming the host of a locally run syndicated show.

Several disc jockeys said they’d rather listen to talk radio than music
radio at home, but complied with names of their favorite deejays anyway. Sonny
Fox at Y-100 emerged as the deejay’s deejay. And two pairs of broadcasters
expressed mutual admiration for each other. The answers were revealing:


Alan Burke, WGBS (710 AM): “If it had to be somebody, I like Sandy
Peyton (WIOD), because she’s forthright, direct and is not working on the air so
obviously for rating points. She doesn’t talk about her station, or complain if
her phone is not lit up like a Christmas tree. She simply does her thing.”

Neil Rogers, WINZ (940 AM): “I can’t name any — I can’t listen to any
of them, there’s nobody in this market I admire. Most them are cheap imitators;
I hate to say that, but it’s true.”

Tom Leykis, WNWS (790 AM): “Alan Burke — he’s a pro; he’s been doing it
for years and years. He’s consistently funny; he could do a whole show without
phone calls — that to me is the mark of a great talk show host.”

Mike Reineri (WIOD 60 AM): “Larry King (host of nationally syndicated
show aired locally on WGBS). He can talk to anybody about anything and he asks
the right questions.”

Tomas Garcia-Fuste (WQBA 1140 AM): “This is a very competitive business.
I’ll just say that everyone does a good job.”

Music jocks

Sonny Fox, Y-100 (WHYI 100.7 FM): “Greg Budell (WAXY-FM). He makes me
laugh, he’s politely sarcastic and dry — yet doesn’t usually step over the
boundaries of good taste.”

Greg Budell, WAXY (105.9 FM): “I have a lot of respect for Sonny Fox, he
does radio schtick very well. While we (WAXY’s morning team) do a lot of ad lib,
he does a nice job with characters and material.”

Irene Richard, Love 94 (WLVE 93.9 FM): “I think Rob Walker (Y-100) is a
terrific jock. He’s extremely relatable, he always has something different to
say. You get a feeling of anticipation listening to him.”

Don Cox, I-95 (WINZ 94.9 FM): “It’s equally divided between Sonny Fox —
not just him, but the cohesive team around him (including sidekick Ron Hersey
and “Athlete’s Foot” John Kross); and Bill Tanner (Hot 105) — he’s like me,
with a crazy humor.”

Bill Tanner, Hot 105 (WHQT 105.1 FM): “Don Cox — he has an ability to
absolutely disarm the listener while talking to them like another human being.
He’s known most for his outrageousness, but his strongest point is that he’s
just like the guy sitting next to you in the car pool. And Rob Walker is
probably the best Top 40 deejay in the market — he’s not a big personality,
he’s a format jock, but a great one.”

Bill Collins, KISS (WKQS 99.9 FM): “Ellen Jaffe (WAXY). She’s the best
sounding girl in the market. She doesn’t try to sound sexy; she just sounds like
a normal person.”

Alvis Sherouse, WTMI (93.1 FM): “Jim Kelly (Love 94) — he’s
straightforward, honest, and sounds professional. He talks to people on the air
as if he was talking directly to them.”

Leeo Jackson, WEDR (99.1 FM): “That guy at I-95 — Dennis Reese. He
sounds like he’s always excited, sounds like a kid.”

Ron St. John, 97 A1A (WAIA 97.3 FM): “For entertainment purposes, Sonny
(Fox) at Y-100 does an outstanding job. From a professional standpoint I admire
Rick Shaw (WAXY). He’s been doing radio 25 years in the same market — longevity
means a lot in this business.”

Jim McBean, WSHE (103.5 FM): “Greg Budell (WAXY) sounds great since he
got out of (a drug and alcohol treatment center). He sounds alive, awake, with
it. He goes on the air a half hour before I do, so I listen to him to see what
kind of morning he’s having.”

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