The Jorge Rodriguez Show (December 31, 2010)

Jorge Rodriguez, and “Boca” Britany Somers, live on SoFloRadio, along with Monica, and Luis the Artist. Another Neil Tribute Show with guests Jim Schuyler, Rich Pachter, Adam Kirschner, Andy Kalb, Hank Goldberg, and Wayne Roberts. Jim calls in with Neil story. Rich tells about he got involved with Neil, and Glen. He was also worked with Boca, and Guitar Man on song parodies, such as Ron n Ron. Adam talks about how he got in the radio business, the trials and tribulations of the ownership change, and how Neil helped to create the environment that led to some of the best talk radio shows anywhere. And Jorge saved his life too. Andy, who was Phil Hendie’s producer reminisces about his time at WIOD. ESPN commentator Hank talks about his ups and downs with Neil. He first met Neil while he was suspended from his WIOD show, and was guest on Neil’s WNSW show. Hank also praised Sid Levine (WKAT), and the man who helped shape Neil’s career, Dick Casper (WNWS). They wrap up Producer Friday with Wayne Roberts. He was a backup producer who filled in for Jorge on Neil’s show when he was needed. Wayne has move to LA, and is on TV. He was many of the people who helped Jorge copy over 5,000 “audio elements” when they had to move to the new Paxson studios.

More: Memorial for Neil Rogers will be Jan. 7