The Jorge Rodriguez Show (December 29, 2010)

More tributes to Neil Rogers on The Jorge Rodriguez Show with “Boca” Britany Somers, and Monica on SoFloRadio. Today’s guests are Randi Rhodes, Teri Griffin, Rick Riley, and KJ. Randi talks about how she came to replace Hank Goldberg, how much she and Rick were paid at WIOD, some stories about Air America, and Rachel Maddow. Randi, and her new beau visit Jim on Christmas day. Teri talks about her days working with Neil, Hurricane Andrew, and what Rick Alpern put on the marquee the day Paxson took over the station. Rick was able to speak to Neil in the hospital. How he and Suds Coleman got back into Florida radio, their time at WAXY, and the move to WIOD, and of course Alex Bennett’s meltdown. More on the dead cat in the fridge with Phil’s birthday cake. KJ is live and in the studio, he talks about how Neil came to playing his songs, and was surprised when Jorge told him they were willing to pay for bits. They play a few of his fine songs.

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