Looking For Audio

We are always looking for more show audio. Besides shows, here is a list of specific audio drops we are looking for that we may already have.

  1. Joe Cocker’s version of “Off With a Little Help from my friends” – played during OJ Simpson trial on Neil Rogers and the Rick & Suds Show.
  2. Navy SEALS and Crofts – estimate 1990-91, Fred S.
  3. Beware of Exploding Balls by Jennifer Rehm – Need clean edit for soundboard
  4. Children, running naked in the streets by Jennifer Rehm – Need clean edit for the soundboard.
  5. Gerbers Drop (clean edit) – for Boca. Poor quality here (2:09:42).
  6. Original vomit sound (1991)  – FB request
  7. Losing my Deductions – REM tax season parody (est April 1991)
  8. Secret Haitian Man – 1992 or earlier
  9. Whoo whoo! – Michael Jackson – estimate 1991-1992
  10. Nine candy bars parody of no handlebars – est 2005
  11. congratulations, now get a life by Jennifer Rehm – Paul B.
  12. “Mom said shut up about the meat and keep on chewing”, est 1995-97. Played after Royal Castle drop. – Fred S.
  13. “Willie Willie” (during the William Kennedy Smith trial – 1991) – Scott L
  14. Master baster – Scott L
  15. John Anal K-96 News – Scott L
  16. Enough of the sucking Drop – by Juan El Nica Collado (1992-93)
  17. Rich Marino – I’ll Kick the Sh*t Out of You, a parody of the same song as GM’s IOD Kicks the Sh*T
  18. Meg Green on Money promo. Fred
  19. Taliban bachelors seeking wives. Steve Glerum
  20. Diana needs a tissue cart (pre-1997).
  21. Boca Bit “Fired” about Zach Krantz (~2002)
  22. Other Oh Canada song (Oh Canada, you think that you’re in luck, stole our baseball game, cuz your own sports really suck. You have dogsled runs, you shoot moose with guns, what a way to entertain. And you fish for ice, you think hockey’s nice because it’s played without a brain..) FB Request


If you hear one of these drops, send an email to [email protected] with the date (or link) and start time. Thank you.