Looking For Audio

We are always looking for more show audio. Besides shows, here is a list of specific audio drops we are looking for that we may already have.

  1. Joe Cocker’s version of “Off With a Little Help from my friends” – played during OJ Simpson trial on Neil Rogers and the Rick & Suds Show.
  2. Navy SEALS and Crofts – estimate 1990-91, Fred S.
  3. Beware of Exploding Balls by Jennifer Rehm – Need clean edit for soundboard
  4. Children, running naked in the streets by Jennifer Rehm – Need clean edit for soundboard.
  5. Gerbers Drop (clean edit) – for Boca. Poor quality here (2:09:42).
  6. Original vomit sound (1991)  – FB request
  7. Losing my Deductions – REM tax season parody (est April 1991)
  8. Secret Haitian Man – 1992 or earlier
  9. Whoo whoo! – Michael Jackson – estimate 1994
  10. Nine candy bars parody of no handle bars – est 2005
  11. congratulations, now get a life by Jennifer Rehm – Paul B.
  12. “Mom said shut up about the meat and keep on chewing”, est 1995-97. Played after Royal Castle drop. – Fred S.
  13. “Willie Willie” (during the William Kennedy Smith trial – 1991) – Scott L
  14. Master baster – Scott L
  15. John Anal K-96 News – Scott L
  16. Only in the Banana Republic, Only in Miami – mandich
  17. Yer a bastard – Hendrie?
  18. Enough of the sucking Drop – by Juan El Nica Collado (1992-93)
  19. Greg Hates You – Andy from Hollywood
  20. Rich Marino – I’ll Kick the Sh*t Out of You, parody of the same song as GM’s IOD Kicks the Sh*T
  21. Meg Green on Money promo. Fred
  22. Taliban bachelors seeking wives. Steve Glerum


If you hear one of these drops, send an email to [email protected] with the date (or link) and start time. Thank you.