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About 30 Man
Absolutely Correct Sir
Al Goldstein - I Hate the Irish
Al Goldstein - I'm a fat jew
Al Goldstein - Looking For Glory Holes
Al Goldstein - That's a gay club
Al Pacino - You fairy
Al Pacino - You idiot
Andrew Dice Clay - Ohh!
Andy From Hollywood - Greg Hates You
Annamaria - Tengo Mucho Pellejo, Pero No Tengo Punta
Annamaria Hunter - WAMI God it sucks
Ayy Papa Juan Pablo
Bagpipe Player - SCN - You've Got To Stick Your Spoon In It
Basta Del Chupeteo
Big O Jingle
Bill Clinton - Outrageous
Boca Brian - I Kick Yo Ass
Boca Britany Somers - 1 to 12 hour
Boca Britany Somers - Doy Doy Doy
Boca Britany Somers - It's the 12 to 1 Hour
Boy does he have a lot of chutzpah!
Bring Neil Back
Brooke Daniels - Laugh Brooke
Bryan Cox - Suck My Dick
Buffalo Bill - Jame Gumb - It Puts the Lotion in the Basket
Buffalo Bill - Jame Gumb - No
Buffalo Bill - Jame Gumb - Yes
Bye Bye Bye
Caller - Hank Hippopotamus Espanol
Caller to Neil - Kyle Isley God
Cant Stand that Slut
Charlton Heston - You Son of a Bitch
Christopher Darden - I Don't Give A Shit
Come on Neil you can do better than that
Coming Directly At You
Dan Stewart - Oh we're fine
Dave Graveline - No More Sucking, Please
David Samson - We Did It!
Denis Potvin - A Lot of Spooks in New Jersey
Dick Fatherly - He's an agent provocateur
Do do do do
Do You Like It?
Dominick DiNapoli - Get the Honey Junior
Don "Noodles" Agony - It's A Good Time For The Great Taste
Don Agony - It's A Good Time For The Great Taste
Don Geronimo - WIOD Oh I Hate that station!
Don Shula - I just wasn't conscious
Don Shula - Yeah I Gotta Look For Sumpin Else To Do
Don Shula - Yes Sonny Yes
Drew Michaels - Another break already?
Drew Michaels - No
Drew Michaels - Oh!
Drew Michaels - OK Drew
Dying over here
Erin Somers - I'm actually a lesbian
Erin Somers - Neil God (Erin Somers)
F Tampa
F. Lee Bailey - That F''ing Bitch
Fake Harry Caray - Hey Neil! Fuck You!
Fart 2
Female caller - Stupid Fat Faggot
Firefighters Hoses In Hand
First Class Bitch
For Christ's Sake I Only Had One Eye
For cripe's sake, she's only got one eye
Geldie I F'd Him Oh
George Kelley - Miss Miami Shores on LR
Get the hoover out the moon man
Gilbert - Laugh Montage
Gilbert shut up
Gilbert Solomon - Don and Mike Blow
Gilbert Solomon - I am not trying to seduce you
Gilbert Solomon - I Need Some Action
Gilbert Solomon - Laugh Gilbert
Gilbert Solomon - They Don't Come Any Better (Gilbert)
Gilbert Solomon - You Thought That I Was Dumb and Stupid
Glen Hill - Bird laugh
Go Back To Canada Espanol
Go back to Canada you Jew bastard
Go back to Cuba you spic bastard
Go Back To New York you wop bastard
Go Screw Yourself Rogers
Greg Olin - Don Shula, I Fucked Him!
Hank Goldberg - He Was His Ward
Hank Goldberg - Hey stupid
Happy Birthday
Happy Purim Lady - Thanks for calling
He Can't Sing For
Henry Barrow - I have just tasted your snapper
Henry Barrow - It takes forever to get the taste and smell out of your system
Honey, Weitawe... Sonny We Move, Uh, Slow, But We're, We're Moving In The Right Direction
How dare you?
How Y'all Doing
I Don't Do my Job as Well When I'm Constipated
I Don't Know
I Don't Know What It Is, But It's Moving
I Have No Cavities I Have No Teeth
I Have No Life
I Pooped My Pants
I'm Dying Over Here
I'm Dying Over Here (Child)
It is So Hard
It's moving
It's Terrible
Jeb Bush I Fu~~ked Him
Jeff Rimer - They Stunk
Jennifer Rehm - Anybody have a heart or a liver
Jennifer Rehm - Brad Pitt God
Jennifer Rehm - Can't beat that gator meat
Jennifer Rehm - Come one come all
Jennifer Rehm - Floridians dumb as dirt
Jennifer Rehm - Frosty Nads
Jennifer Rehm - Get Down On Your Hands And Knees
Jennifer Rehm - Gordon gives South Florida a major blow job
Jennifer Rehm - Hey Asshole
Jennifer Rehm - Holy Cow Erin's coming
Jennifer Rehm - It Just Keeps Getting Bigger
Jennifer Rehm - Men in chains just the way I like em
Jennifer Rehm - Oh I'm Real Excited
Jennifer Rehm - Oh Yeah
Jennifer Rehm - Packwood can't keep his pecker in his pants
Jennifer Rehm - Spread Em And Say Cheese
Jennifer Rehm - Suck it in and Hold It
Jennifer Rehm - Want a lolipop little boy?
Jennifer Rehm - We're Looking at Ten Inches
Jennifer Rehm - Well Yehaw!
Jennifer Rehm - Yank it baby
Jennifer Rehm - You Can't Beat This Celebrity Meat
Jim Mandich - A lot of masturbation went on
Jim Mandich - A Stench of Cow Manure...
Jim Mandich - Awright
Jim Mandich - Caca poop
Jim Mandich - Come on baby come play with these titties
Jim Mandich - Dumb Son Of A Bitch
Jim Mandich - Handsome young man
Jim Mandich - He is a stud
Jim Mandich - How young is too young?
Jim Mandich - I Don't Believe It
Jim Mandich - I Like it
Jim Mandich - I Wanna Bang You In The Butt Honey
Jim Mandich - I Wanna Give You A Kiss
Jim Mandich - Jesus Christ
Jim Mandich - Not That You Have To Suck
Jim Mandich - Oh Alanzo you're so big
Jim Mandich - Oh Ma God
Jim Mandich - Oh My God Your Breasts Are Beautiful
Jim Mandich - Only in the Banana Republic
Jim Mandich - Play like men and they look like women
Jim Mandich - Rap On It All Year Long
Jim Mandich - That was a 2 hr BJ
Jim Mandich - This Station Stands For Nothing
Jim Mandich - Well Awriiight Sports Fans
Jim Mandich - Were You Fudge Packin?
Jim Mandich - Yeeeeeeesss
Jim Mandich - Yes! Mandich
Jim Mandich - You got to keep your Johnson straight here
Jim Mandich - You Jackass
Jim Mandich - You Turd
Joe Bowen - Holy Mackinaw
Joe Rose - Grab the Wood
Joe Rose - I Like the Wee Wee
Joe Zagacki - Oh My
Joe Zagacki Sucks OK
John Henry - I must be crazy I must be nuts
Johnny Dark - Those People Are Assholes
Johnny Dark Jingle
Jon Elias - What the (bleep) is going on with Dade and Broward?
Karen Kay - I Had One In My Mouth Once
La Toya Jackson - That Damned Faggot
Larry King - I had nuttin to do with that
Larry King - I know how to do a talk show
Larry King - Loan me 50 Dollars
Larry King - Neil Rogers God
Larry King - No! King
Larry King - That is Great Radio
Larry King - They Don't Come Any Better Than Neil Rogers
Larry King - Uh huh King
Larry King - What's Your Question?
Larry King - Worst Talk Radio I Ever Heard
Laugh Goofy
Lenny Martez - Get off your duff
Lightning Round Buzzer
Lisa Campbell - Use You as a Sex Toy
Manny Medina - He Died?
Marching boots
Mickey - Clean
Mickey Mouse - Eisner!
Mike Disney - That's My Opinion
Mike Reineri - 2 of the Dumbest White Men
Mike Reineri - Squirt squirt
Mitch Lewis - Burp
Mitch Lewis - I Have No Foreskin
Mitch Lewis - Injun-Killer
Mitch Lewis - It's Friday you bastards
Mitch Lewis - It's the 1 to 2 hour burp
Mitch Lewis - Noon to One Hour Open
Mitch Lewis - Oy!
Mitch Lewis - Puke
Mitch Lewis - Rectum
Mitch Lewis - Rectum damn near killed em
Mitch Lewis - Roy!
Mitch Lewis - Sales People Are Ice-Holes
Moe Howard - I'm Listening
Monty Python - He has a wife ya know
My God is that thing real?
Nancy Kerrigan - Why (Kerrigan)
Neil God
Neil GOD Epic
Neil Rogers (Feb 2, 1999)
Neil Rogers - Hates Him Like Poison
Neil Rogers - Tears Your Kishkehs Out
Neil screams
News sound bite - It felt like a prick
No repeated
No Tengo Pellejo En La Punta
Oh man!
Oh Neil my Queen God
Old Boat Dude - Idiotic jerk
Old Boat Dude - Idiotic jerk long
Old Lady - Oh My God
Orlando Alzugaray - Rock Solid
Paul Harvey - Good Morning Americans It's Friday
Paul Harvey Jr. - You Know Fat Rich Reminds Me of My Mother
Phil Hendrie - Are You Sure?
Phil Hendrie - OK Hendrie
Phil Latzman
PHJ Hates Rich Like Poison
Pig snort
Pissed off gets me fired up
Planet where apes evolve from men
Play Something Already
Please don't say the F word
Please Enough Sucking
Pluck The Bird
Pop Had Genco, Look What We Got
Purim Lady - Don't take any bullshit
Randi Rhodes - BROWARD
Randi Rhodes - OK Randi
Randy West - Neil God (Randy West)
Regis Philbin - Its Big Neil, Bigger than Both Of Us
Remus - Hazardous Comedy Network - My Oh My
Retard Over Here
Rev. Jones - You're Gay
Rick Riley - Eliminate Flames
Rick Riley - I Looked up Hineys
Rick Riley - I'm Mr. Death
Rick Shaw - It's a lie I am not a Nazi
Ron and Ron - Neil Rogers God (Ron and Ron)
Sally Fitz - Stick it up your ass
SCN - Where is Nelson?
Scott Ferrall - I'll Smack You
Scott Ferrall - OK-Ferrall
Sheik Laugh
Shoot Them in the Leg
Sister Mary Catherine Jesus
Sonny Fox - Hi this is Sonny Fox
Steve Kane - Just tell me what your problem is
Suds Coleman - Dammit
Suds Coleman - Start Lickin'
Take Off Those Checkered Pants
Tammy Faye Bakker - The Media is Sick
Teri Griffin - If You Blow Too Much
Teri Griffin - Score Some Pot
Thanks for Calling Lady - Happy Purim
That's the American f'ing way
The Cacamoon Lady - Cacamoon
The Senior Jr.
The sky is falling
There's No Fags, In The, In The Church
This is the most disgusting program
Tom Hopkins - Florida's Pot
Turd drop
Two Sets of Lips
Uh huh
UNNbelievable Espanol
Wet fart
Where's The List?
Who the hell are you?
Won't see him no more
Ya mon!
You Bitch, You Slut, You Whore
You Call That a Penis
You Call This Big Market Radio?
You Can't Spell Scum Without UM
You People Ought to be Ashamed
You're a Bastard
You're Welcome
Younger Woman - Oh My God younger