The Resolution of Neil (AKA The Ballad of Neil) (1989)

An alternative version of this song about Neil Rogers, about one minute longer. The author, Wayne Scarbrough, contacted us with this comment – “I wrote, recorded and performed this parody song when Neil was in a battle with Hallandale mayor, Sonny Rosenburg.” Thanks Wayne for the information!
Photo below courtesy of Jorge Rodriguez.

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  1. I wrote, recorded and performed this parody song when Neil was in a battle with Hallandale mayor, Sonny Rosenburg. I still have the original, now digitized, on my home studio.

  2. Been asking people since 1989 who did this song. Thanks for letting us know. Will provide you credit right away. Somebody, not Neil, from the show told me at the time that it came from Marlon Bailey of Superstar Creations, Inc. Marlon provided other material including a bit he stole from Mark Moseley. Love this song, among my favorite audio elements of Neil’s that we have. This version was provided by Neil’s heir, David Hine.

    Did Marlon have anything to do with it? Any back ground information would be much appreciated. Thanks again for letting us know that you are responsible for it!

    Do you know anything about the Hallandale song?

  3. I can tell you the whole story. First of all I do not know Mr. Bailey. He nor anyone else had anything to do with this other than me. I lived in Pembroke Pines at the time and was a long time neil rogers fan. My best friend at the time, Bob McCullough, was a commercial real estate guy in the region and met Neil during some sort of restaurant investment. This was a time when Neil was in a long running feud with Mayor Sonny Rosenberg of Hallandale. The mayor had suggested that the city Council pass a resolution banning Neil from the air. The Rod Stewart song “The killing of Georgie” was a song I liked, and this silly resolution that had been suggested by Mayor Rosenberg to ban Neil Rogers from the South Florida airwaves seemed to offer up a nice parody. So I wrote “The Resolution of Neil” and recorded every bit of it in my bedroom in Pembroke Pines on a little am 4-track Tascam porta-studio. Sounds like that, doesn’t it? You’ve got to love those sick electronic drums. Well, my roommate Bob told Neil about the song and asked him if he would be willing to hear it. To my surprise Neil invited Bob to bring me to his house in Plantation to drop the tape off when Neil needed to sign some paperwork for Bob one evening. So we did that, and I gave him the tape and he laid it down on the coffee table and we chatted a little bit while he signed the papers for Bob, and we left. The next day I was at work when Bob called me and said to turn on Neil’s midday show. When I did, the song was already playing so I called the show and the phone screener immediately told me to hold the line. When the song finished Neil was very gracious, told me how he had gone out to a convenience store to pick something up and on the way had popped the tape in his cassette deck of his car and was “blown away.” Well that made me very happy, and we had a great conversation on air. If you can access some of the 1989 “Best of Neil” recordings that WIOD played on weekends and holidays,that entire phone call with Neil is on several of those best-of episodes. So there’s my five minutes of fame. Hope that helps your archive. It’s all straight up. By the way, RIP Neil, and RIP my old friend Bob McCullough who passed away just this year at 54.

  4. Thanks for the rest of the story! I was living in Pembroke Pines back then too, Neil lived there for a while until 1986 or so. The quality of your recording is great, that is one of the reasons we thought it was done in a “real” studio.

    You knew a lot about what was going on with Neil at the time you wrote the song. This was round 2 with Neil and Hallandale. You must have been a fan. Unfortunately there is no other archive of Neil other than here. Those of us who recorded his show rarely recorded a “best of” show. We have very few of them. If we had the show when you called in I think I would remember it.

    Thanks again for the great song! If you ever feel like it please share your digital copy of the song, the ones we have are not the highest quality.

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