Miami Herald, The (FL) – January 10, 1990

The latest ratings are in: South Florida has a new rock radio leader, and SHE’s the winner. Meanwhile, over in the talk radio world, WIOD (610 AM) afternoon host Stan Major is not.

WSHE (103.5 FM), known for its slogan “SHE’s only rock ‘n’ roll,” was in the Arbitron ratings basement for most of 1989. Now, it has hit paydirt by targeting younger rock listeners with ’80s — and ’90s — rock music. It inched above WGTR (97.3 FM), the longtime rock champ that broadcasts a mix of modern and classic rock tunes. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Animals at GTR fell from 15th to 21st place among South Florida stations in the quarterly Arbitron ratings, released Tuesday.

The report tracks the listening habits of Miami-Fort Lauderdale listeners 12 and older from October through December and is one of four such ratings “books” issued each year to set advertising rates.

GTR found itself in a tie with SHE in the last Arbitron survey, and both stations dropped off during the fall study. The difference was, GTR fell more.

SHE has a 2.5 share of the audience, while GTR is at 2.1 — barely half of what it had atthis time last year. (Each share point represents about 5,200 listeners in any given 15-minute period.) Zeta 4 (WZTA 94.9 FM), with an all-classic rock format, is in 22nd place with a 1.7.

GTR general manager Mike Disney says “I give credit to WSHE . . . I’m not ignoring this by any stretch.” But, he points out, his station leads WSHE among listeners age 25-54, the demographic segment most cherished by advertisers.

Down the hall at WGTR’s sister station WIOD (610 AM), the ratings survey has given management the proof it needed to move talk host Stan Major, who replaced Steve Kane in late October, out of the 2-6 p.m. time slot.

Major’s 3.5 share was down from Kane’s 4.1, and “certainly that’s an indication that we have to look at other avenues,” says WIOD program director Gary Bruce, who adds that he has narrowed the list of Major’s replacements to five.

Still, even though Major won’t be in afternoon drive much longer, Disney says “Stan has a place at the station” doing “weekends, nights or fill-in type stuff.”

Neil Rogers, though he remains the No. 1 AM talk host in the South Florida market, experienced a 15 percent drop in audience share and now has three stronger stations to bellyache about; Rogers fell from second to fourth during his 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. slot, behind the elevator music on WLYF (FM), hit music station Hot 105 (WHQT 105.1 FM) and easy listening Joy 107 (WJQY 106.7 FM).

WIOD can thank the Miami Dolphins and Hurricanes for keeping them in third place overall. Weekend numbers are nearly double of what they normally are during the football off-season.

Behind WIOD, talk station WNWS (790 AM), despite a format overhaul last July, is locked in 14th place with all-news WINZ (940 AM).

Hot 105, with its catchy mix of dance music, rap and rhythm and blues, remains the most-listened-to radio station in South Florida, a position it has maintained for more than a year.

The wounds Hot 105 inflicted on black music station WEDR (99.1 FM) have healed; Starforce 99, which pulled up in the last ratings, kept the same number in the fall survey and moved up to 16th place.

Power 96, programming mostly Latin-flavored dance music and disco favorites, made an impressive jump of seven-tenths of a point, putting it at No. 4 in South Florida. Top 40 station Y- 100 sits in 10th place, having fallen off two-tenths of a point.

Oldies are still a hot ticket among South Florida listeners. Majic (102.7 FM), South Florida’s premier all-oldies station, ranked fifth in the entire market.

The new age and Latin jazz sounds of the Breeze (WXDJ 95.7 FM) — previously pulling in tiny numbers — came out of nowhere to tie with Love 94 (WLVE 93.9 FM) for 18th place in the market.

Between Majic and the Love-Breeze tie are Joy 107, which pulled up a full point to sixth place, and WAXY, which also gained more than half a point, putting it in 12th place.

On the Spanish-language airwaves, the AM talk arena remains dominated by WQBA (1140 AM), at No. 8 in the market, though Radio Mambi (WAQI 710 AM) is only a half-point behind in 11th place.

Spanish-language pop listeners on the FM dial still prefer FM 92 (WCMQ 92.3 FM), in ninth place, over Super Q, which sits way back in 17th place.

In radio-related TV news, WPLG-Channel 10 has made it official: Joey Reynolds, the former radio disc jockey whose Joey talk show was a ratings and critical failure for the station, is definitely out of the picture.

“Joey is no longer with Channel 10,” says program director Sherry Burns. “He gave it a good shot. Joey worked really hard on this show, and we’ve got to give him credit for really trying.”

Reynolds could not be reached for comment.

Burns says Channel 10 remains “committed to a local show,” and the station is talking to prospective hosts from radio and TV, most of them within the South Florida market.


Here are the most-listened-to radio stations in South Florida and their Arbitron audience shares (each share represents about 5,200 listeners during a 15-minute period):

1. WHQT-FM: 8.0

2. WLYF-FM: 7.7

3. WIOD-AM: 5.2

4. WPOW-FM: 5.1

5. WMXJ-FM: 4.8

6. WJQY-FM: 4.4

7. WKIS-FM: 4.1

8. WQBA-AM: 4.0

9. WCMQ-FM: 3.7

10. WHYI-FM: 3.6

11. WAQI-AM: 3.5

12. WAXY-FM: 3.4

13. WTMI-FM: 3.1

14. WNWS-AM: 2.9

14. WINZ-AM: 2.9

16. WEDR-FM: 2.7

17. WQBA-FM: 2.6

18. WSHE-FM: 2.5

18. WLVE-FM: 2.5

18. WXDJ-FM: 2.5

21. WGTR-FM: 2.1

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