Miami Herald
February 28, 1989
Section: BRWD N
Edition: BRWRD
Page: 3BR

JAMES F. McCARTY Herald Staff Writer

Vitriolic radio talk host Neil Rogers went on the air Monday and
accused Hollywood police detectives of conspiring to set him up for
arrest at an X-rated movie theater. The WIOD- AM talk-show host and his
attorney, Norman Elliot Kent, said they had a sworn statement from a
clerk at the Hollywood Cine- Twin Theater. The clerk, Dale Hill, said
that on Friday vice detectives offered to pay him to let them know the
next time Rogers visited the theater.

“This kind of crap is unacceptable, for police to offer someone a bribe
so they can try to set me up and create a case against me,” Rogers said
in an interview Monday, calling for an investigation by Hollywood
police. “I think the public has a right to know the kind of homophobic
witch hunts that go on in Hollywood.”

Hollywood police immediately denied Rogers’ charges.

“The Hollywood Police Department has no idea what Mr. Neil
Rogers is talking about,” said police spokesman Dave Steele. “On that
premise, we see no reason to investigate the incident.”

The incident began Friday night at the Cine-Twin theater, Sheridan
Street and U.S. 441, where detectives from Hollywood’s vice,
intelligence and narcotics unit conducted a raid to confiscate two
X-rated movies they believed to be obscene. Hill, 35, of Hollywood, was
arrested for possession of obscene material, a misdemeanor. Hill said
that after he was booked into the jail, detective John Murray took him
from his cell, gave him a business card and offerred him a deal: If Hill
promised to call police the next time Rogers showed up at the theater,
“There would be some dollars in it for me. . . . He said he wanted to
nail Neil.”

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