The spring book of Arbitron ratings reports a major upset in South Florida radio. Y-100 (WHYI, FM 100.7), the reigning pop music station in the area for almost 14 years has been dethroned for the first time by a direct pop music competitor, Power 96 (WPOW, FM 96.5).

Power 96 rose from sixth to third place overall, and Y-100 dropped from fifth to sixth. Easy-listening Life (WLYF, FM 101.5), remains the top-rated station in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale radio market.

Bill Tanner, Power 96’s program director, said it was an ”ear to the ground” policy of charting listener preferences that payed off for the station.

”We never miss an opportunity,” Tanner added. He said the policy is to call listeners at random, visit shopping centers and other gathering spots and talk to the audience about the music they prefer. Sampling prospective tunes for the air over the phone has even been done.

On the AM band, Neil Rogers’ domination of the morning talk programs continued, bringing WINZ (AM 940) to No. 2 in the ratings with a jump from 5.0 to 6.3 percentage of the audience. Glen Hill, WINZ’s program director, attributed his station’s jump to improvements in other areas besides The Neil Rogers Show.

Here are the Top 10 Arbitron ratings for the spring (April, May and June). A share denotes a station’s percentage of total listeners age 12 and older. (Number in parentheses is the station’s winter share).

WLYF (FM 101.5) 8.6 (9.0)

WINZ (AM 940) 6.3 (5.0)

WPOW (FM 96.5) 5.4 (4.5)

WQBA (FM 107.5) 5.1 (5.6)

WCMQ (FM 92.3) 4.8 (4.6)

WHIY (FM 100.7) 4.5 (4.9)

WJQY (FM 106.7) 4.4 (3.5)

WEDR (FM 99.1) 4.1 (5.0)

WNWS (AM 740) 3.9 (3.5)

WLVE (FM 93.9) 3.7 (2.4)

Byline: JUAN CARLOS COTO Copyright: 1987 News and Sun-Sentinel Company

winz jeff gonzer, g michael mckay glen, neil

Left to right: Jeff Gonzer, G Michael McKay, Glen Hill, and Neil Rogers

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