Neil Rogers Show (September 7, 1999)

Neil is back from Amsterdam
Sales team is locked out of building
New Sports Station – 1710 AM
good trend numbers
Jorge still hasn’t gotten his bonus
Brooke Daniels
Attacks WIOD for taking off Rick & Suds
Phil Hendrie coming nights
Word police FCC rant
Jorge swing clubs
Slams Tom Jicha
Callers attacking and defending Jorge
Neil doesn’t like Raging Bull
Allen Funt died
mother of actress that played Frau Farbissina calls in
Jack LaMotta’s granddaughter calls in
Jack LaMotta and Raging Bull defenders
“Robert DeNiro is the Rascal House of acting.”
Neil compares Boca Brian to Jack LaMotta
Judy Garland
Caller tells flight story about the beautiful women next to husband

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