Neil Rogers Show (September 18, 2002)

Neil is in Toronto.
Poll: What do you listen to most during the Noon-1pm hour?

Dice-a-Roni early in the show, which gets bit intensive near the end.

Cat in the Kitchen 2:21:00
Kiss a Nigger Good Morning 2:22:00
Cant be Irish if you’re gay 2:21:00
King Bush 2:28:00
My Anus 2:30:00
Fat Rosie 2:33:00
Spank at Home System 2:35:00
Bush is a Suadi Buttfucker 2:38:00
We Swear We’re Not Gay 2:39:00
Girls Love My Woody 2:42:00
Yo Quiero Taco Bello 2:34:00