Neil Rogers Show (October 1, 1999)

Where did the Center One money go?
OJ Simpson WQAM scandal continues
Sam Duque and Roy Foster pose for photo with OJ Simpson
Jesse Ventura interview
callers suspect OJ was paid to attend golf tournment
Kids don’t have time for lunch
Montreal Expos weak attendence
John Henry
School funding
1:36:44 Stingblade (Slingblade sings Sting)
NEIL rips WQAM for making the staff pay for station gear
Chris Wells
NEIL predicts Bill Bradley will win the Democratic nomination
9 black hockey players in the NHL
Bad teachers
Marilyn Monroe 6 toes
Caller met Peter North at the Tampa airport
2:33:30 NEIL read Lago Mar letter regarding OJ Simpson
technical dificulties going to commercial break