Neil Rogers Show (November 23, 2005)

Hank/Neil crossover: What razor Hank uses, Marlins still threatening
to move over stadium issues, Neil talked to a hostile person with the
Ontario gaming agency over slot machine issues, Happy Thanksgiving to

Neil having computer issues in Toronto


More razor talk

Jose Padilla

Moe confronted Josh Cordis after yesterday’s show

David Samson: there will not be a Marlins stadium in Miami

Yesterday’s poll: What kind of razor do you use?

Today’s poll: Who is the ugliest QAM personality?

Show Notes by Nick Gator.


1,304 votes cast. Hank wins with 421, “Moe” Howard-d David-d, who was leading for a while, finished second with 337. The Beast and Joe Z tied with 139 each, and Neil fifth with 125.