Neil Rogers Show (May 7, 2002)

Neil is at war with Moe Howard David
Yesterday’s Poll: Have you ever been required to swim naked in gym class?
Moe tries to get Jorge fired
Today’s Poll: Do you have any problem with Neil’s comedy bits or comments about race?
Gay Right-wing Dutch Politician shot dead.
20:15 Don’t pick up – Boca Brian
22:01 Restitution Song – Boca Brian
Father Paul Shanley arraigned in court for child sex abuse
Former altar boy from Hollywood, FL sues Vatican
31:57 Willie T Ribs – Boca Brian
Neil reads numerous Priest child molestation reports
Cardinal Law to be deposed regarding Father Geoghan
Do black men have larger penises?
1:05:30 Trouser Trout
Former Dolphins Player Gene Atkins charged for Firebombing ex business partner.
2:10:07 Boobs a lot
Great column on Attorney General Ashcroft covering up Lady Justice Statue’s Boobs.
Radio Stations paid to carry Bill O’Reilly’s show according to Matt Drudge
2:20:49 Paul Castronovo bit about the Kennedy’s
Las Vegas to open a mob museum
2:45:43 Because I got high