Neil Rogers Show (March 2, 2009)

Neil’s 33rd and Final Anniversary Show.
Paul Harvey died
POLL: most comfortable type of underwear?
Neil started at WKAT for $225 a week on March 1, 1976.
Al Rantel listens online
Tom Jicha uses a code word when communicating with Neil
Johnny Dark takes a shot at Neil
1:30:30 Neil and Jorge talk about Bob Lassiter
Manny from Kendal (real or fake?)
power struggle between Neil and Jorge?
Fake Tom Jicha article about Tom Leykis
Fake Barry Jackson
Randi Rhodes article
Neil’s slot machine addiction
2:18:46 Phil Latzman – a good guy
Fake Jeff Rimer
NFL players getting rescued by Coast Guard
2:34:50 Neil mentions his Channel 51 TV show
2:47:01 Mickey launches 24 hour news channel