Neil Rogers Show (March 17, 2005)

Hank/Neil crossover: MLB misleading Congress over their steroid policy in hearings, Fat Boy’s donut eating, college basketball gambling, Moe getting close to signing an extension with WQAM

MLB Congressional hearings coverage

RIP Bill Lehman

Florida governors reviewed

Marlins exhibition game canceled – who will be filling in?

Dolphins radio on 790 ends the Moe/Mandich announce team – Boog Sciambi is the early favorite to be the new play by play guy with
several former Dolphins being considered for color man

Robert Blake acquitted

Terry Schiavo federal legislation

Crazy mid-level management at WQAM

Body wash

Beaded Curtain: Lucy Liu

Yesterday’s Poll: What group or artist should be in the Rock and Roll HOF but isn’t?

Today’s Poll: The radio talk show host you dislike the most is…

Notes by Nick Gator