Neil Rogers Show (March 16, 1990)

10am-11am hour: Mitch Lewis “Life is Passing Me By”. Mayfair Homeowners Association vs. Neil Rogers and his dish, the Landlord’s Niece calls in, Knots Landing Lady, Leprecondoms, The “I hate Nick Lawrence” Guy, Old WIOD theme, someone calls in and plays Mark Moseley’s “They So Dirty”, more Alex Bennett hate calls, Rick from the Video Store, Florida Derby. 11am-12pm: Barry Manilow “Nose Like a Banana”, Rose, Slam Dunkin’ Donuts, Ron St. John Junior playing the hits from all-time, The Grass Roots, The Guess Who, Connie Francis. Cramer The Midday Man RIP, Trump The Monster Ego, Peggy Lewis, Someone calls in and plays a tape of the “I Hate the Bird Guy” calling Alex Bennett, Gary Hart, Fat Elvis.