Neil Rogers Show (March 15, 2005)

Hank/Neil crossover: WQAM has lost the Dolphins to 790! Duff was monitoring Neil’s show yesterday, Gus Frerotte has signed and will compete with AJ Feeley for the starting quarterback job

Fat Boy ate three boxes of Krispy Kreme Donuts yesterday, Josh ate ten from one box and has jury duty today

Who will be the Dolphins announcers on 790?

Body wash talk

CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer

Technical difficulties

“Fantasy” letter from Greg Reed about the loss of the Dolphins

Seventh Heaven

FCC responds to the Terrell Owens/Nicollette Sheridan Monday Night Football intro

Dick Clark’s health

Joyce and corporate

The Vatican attacks The Da Vinci Code

Jack Abramoff

Today’s Beaded Curtain: Lil Kim

Yesterday’s Poll: If Hillary and Condoleezza were the presidential candidates in 2008, who would you vote for?

Today’s Poll: Embarrassing in your car or house…

Notes by Nick Gator