Neil Rogers Show (July 24, 2003)

Crossover with Scott Ferrall: the movie Seabiscuit, Hitler, sick leave, Howard Stern and bonuses.
Poll Results: Who would you miss the least?
shorter show due to baseball game
Celia Cruz intensive
VH1 top pop culture icons. Oprah and Elvis
Poll: Which ethnic group is the most overly sensitive? (Blacks, Cubans, Jews, Catholics, Rednecks, Chinese, Haitians, Jamaicans)
Song: Sportshole Virgin
Tom Leykis show is based on hating women
Old singers like Rudy Vallée
NEIL has trouble with Jamaican women
NEIL doesn’t understand the appeal of salsa music
Caller doesn’t like that NEIL makes fun of dead people. Neil proceeds to play bits related to dead people.
Detroit vs Windsor
Frank Sinatra talk sings



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