Neil Rogers Show (July 24, 1995)

Neil rips the airline industry / You can’t complain about quality in South Florida because there isn’t any / A caller from Houston thanks Neil for the shows he was able to enjoy while he was locked up in a South Florida jail / The old people want to ban everything in the area / Young people will be lucky if they can get out of South Florida and never come back / This is not a World Class area because you have to go to other places to find things like gambling and decent transportation / Everything is closed all the time in this horse and buggy town / Caller recommends that Neil vacation in Argentina, but Neil says all the Nazis are hiding out there / Americans only know about two things: Mediocrity and Violence / Neil has hit a dead end on the Atkins Diet and needs some advice / Listeners always ask Neil for advice on everything but they won’t help him out with his Atkins problems / Neil says Phil Hendrie reminds him a little bit of Bill Calder, who the listeners never really appreciated / When the OJ trial ends people are going to need OJ Withdrawal Therapy / Neil needs new eyeglasses / Some more Atkins and food talk in general to close out the show