Neil Rogers Show (January 8, 2007)

Myspace Talk, Neil gets fed up with Joe Bell and starts playing Oldies Music. From his Blog: First, let me apologize to my listeners for the music on the show…but my patience with Joe Bell and the Beasleys is near an end. They have stubbornly refused to do anything to support my show, and the technical nightmare that’s been going on is just part of it. In all my years in the business I have never encountered anyone like “Jolly” Joe Bell….he will agree with everything you say, and proceed to do NOTHING. For those of you who think the crank callers are funny, you’ll have to tune in elsewhere to hear them. For these next two years(THE END) I will do the show the way I want….with OR without calls. It would be like writing a book to go thru all the insane things these people have done…suffice it to say they are pathetic. Amazingly, they consider themselves real broadcasters—I know, hold your laughter. Anyway, as of Tuesday, I’m going back to doing the show I believe in doing–with or without Joe Bell’s help. He is joly..and very full of shit. A real PAPER TIGER. joyce Fitch in Naples is running the show…farts and all. Have a great day!!!! Neil New link for show ——->