Neil Rogers Show (January 18, 2007)

Myspace, Myspace and more Myspace. Oh, and the ratings come out. From his Blog: This…I PROMISE..will be the last time you read the kind of neurotic posts you saw here last night. One of my biggest weaknesses is impatience. Combine that with having been burned badly twice on here already and you have the ingredients for really psychotic behavior. It is very hard to develop trust of people on here…they are reluctant to give proof of who or what they are. But late last night and this morning I got two long, neat emails from my two best online buddies plus made a new friend on here as well. I keep telling you “Don’y take this site too seriously”..etc. And then I go nuts myself. Call last night a bad “hiccup” in my involvement with this thing. Won’t happen again. Like I’ve told is good here…no complaints….although we finally have snow on the ground today. When I hear the nightmares that some other people have been thru on here, I consider myself VERY LUCKY. I hear from some really teriffic people on here everyday and appreciate it. Back to enjoy a well-deserved(lol) day off!!! Later, the world’s oldest teenaged girl…NEIL / Well here we go sportsfans…Another crank…Ethan, with all the nearly nude pics, turns out to be a crank and has removed his fake profile. No problem there, but now I get home and the SEND feature looks like its sending out my emails, but it is not!! And they do NOT show up in the SENT column….???? Evidently, this faker has done something to screw up our site. If you don’t get a reply from your email tonite(Wed, 1/17) its because my replies don’t go out. Incoming seems fine. ANY IDEAS????? Thanks, Neil