Neil Rogers Show (February 6, 2003)

Neil was in a good mood. “Jamba” called twice. Talked about: pending Iraq war, Leafs pasted the Panthers 6-0, Yesterdays poll-re: Michael Jackson (ongoing), air in the studio smells moldy, possible satellite radio show for Neil, Greg has a new haircut, democrats are wimps, Colin Powell dog & pony show at the UN, Shuttle Columbia disaster (5 days earlier), terrorism threat up due to pending Iraq war, reads Jimmy Carters statement about the Iraq war, Hank is at a golf tournament, caller suggests nuking Baghdad, airport security is lax, talks about new poll (take no calls, some calls, all calls, don’t care?), Jesse Ventura’s new TV show, yesterdays poll results (Michael Jackson is either a fruit cake or a pedophile), Martha Stewart about to be arrested.