Neil Rogers Show (February 13, 2004)

It is Friday the 13th. Neil has tons of material; Reading intensive. Lots of stuff on John Kerry, Michael Jackson (sex scandals) and George Bush Jr (bad WMD reports). Right wingers love penis. Dave Matthews wins yesterdays poll; “Who is the best recording artist over the last 10 years?” Last day for the hot couples contest New poll: Whats your take on the mass hysteria regarding filth on radio & TV? Miguel doesn’t want Neil to read, he wants phone calls. 87 gay couples married in SF in mass ceremony Bush Jr’s driving record exposed FLA Supreme Court ok’s citrus tree destruction. Kerry is winning over Bush in polls. Michael Moore disses Bush over lack of military service. Live TV Feed: Wesley Clark endorses John Kerry Neil received Brady Quinn pics…”He’s Pretty”. Todays poll winner: The government & FCC are obscene, not the material on the air.

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