Neil Rogers Show (December 6, 2000)

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Florida vote counting
Jorge appearance
POLL: Do you wish you had voted?
NEIL says the stock market is a scam
Caller describes a road rage incident
Gary Johnson interview in Playboy
Palm Beach cops post videos of having sex with their wives online.
Digestive enzymes and GERD
Carb Solution
Relax The Back = “Relax Your Crack”
1:22:58 Jorge and NEIL debate wiping direction
1:27:00 Pricks on your fingertips
Bogus radio awards
NEIL doesn’t like his chair
WQAM goes off the air briefly
NEIL’s new blender from Walgreens is dead
Old callers
2:12:55 I don’t want to talk to… rant
Jorge fixed blender
Jesse Jackson
2:22:58 shout out to Fruit Cake
2:52:15 Ted David of CNBC calls

palm ballot

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