Neil Rogers Show (December 18, 2000)

The Marlins Suck!
Poll Results: Fans won’t go to Marlins games in 2001
Everything in Florida is crooked
Neil rips the Marlins new stadium deal and Alex Penelas
The American people worry more about sports than things like public safety, education, and housing
The “Thanks For Calling” lady lets Neil know that she was in the hospital, but she’s fine
Neil explains the colonoscopy process
Bashing of the stadium deal continues: “This is a Bush League freakin’ town!”
It’s a contest to see how many empty stadiums they can build side by side
Since nobody has anything to say it might be time to sit back and play some more crap
Nobody’s in charge in the area – There’s gridlock everywhere, over-development, and too many malls
It’s a Crazy Monday where the callers are concerned, “Just one crazy person after another”
After treating the listeners to an all-request show last week, this is how they repay him – “This is pathetic!”