Neil Rogers Show (August 24, 1987)

A Gannett corporate guy is coming to talk with Neil about the complaints they have been getting about the show. Neil reads a letter from some guy named Jack Thompson who is one of those complaing (BTW his phone number starts with 666). Neil lets us know that if they let him go after the meeting tomorrow, he will be back on the air in South Florida on another station immediately, if not sooner. Looks like Kyle picked a good week to go on vacation. The Crepitation Contest record is in today’s mail, but they do not have a cart long enough for it. WJNO has let John Broward go, Mike Miller will be replacing him. Glen is just being The Bird. Before Guitar Man, there were these mashugga guys. 2 listeners call in one playing songs and the other playing a bit. How many called Portland in supoort on last Friday? Will Neil be on Tuesday? Govern yourselves accordingly! (go to 2:13’17.35 Jack calls in) You have to hear the call from “Jack’s nurse” toward the end.