Neil Rogers Show (August 21, 2003)

Crossover with Scott Ferrall: Nolan Ryan, Does the Beast hate Moe David Howard?, hockey players
ratings show
POLL Results: Which move do you wish they would make a sequel to?
Hillary Clinton book reading
Phil Hendrie interview with Ann Coulter
Dick Clark
Charles Heston
Bowling For Columbine
25:07 On the Toilet song (In the ghetto)
NEIL is leaning out and running on a treadmill
Robert Atkins
POLL: Which political personality do you admire the most?
NEIL loves Michael Moore
Scott Ferrall article
Callers slam Jorge for being angry
1:20:00 Ratings
We’re #1 Dammit!
NEIL mentioned in article on The Nation
1:26:35 Neil wants to build a statue of Scott Ferrall
lots of bits in last hour