Neil Rogers Show (April 1, 1988)

April fools day at Zeta-4, Neil, and The Bird are doing the show from Neil’s house. In fact Peter Bolger decided to broadcast Jeff Gonzer’s, and Lee Gillette’s shows from Neil humble abode.

Special guest K.C. (Harry Wayne Casey) of K.C. and the Sunshine Band fame. Captain Dave is off today making a commercial for the big bucks, so John Ford is on the board. Neil reads an article about Greg Budell’s 11th marriage. More about the tsuris from yesterday, and Allan Dresner calls about it. They watch a video of a fashion show done at Cooper City High School. Harlen lets Neil know who some of the kids are, Neil already knew what Allan looks like.

Neil WNWS dating show maybe

Bogus Coach Spouts Threats Against Student Caller to Show (April 1, 1988)

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