Miami Herald, The (FL) April 27, 1985
Author: LINDA R. THORNTON Herald Radio Writer

Easy listening and contemporary music prevail as the favorite formats of
South Florida radio listeners, according to the recent breakdown of Arbitron
radio ratings for winter 1985.

The Arbitron “book,” a detailed follow-up analysis of the average audience shares reported early this week by the Maryland-based ratings service, lists stations’ popularity with various types of listeners during different times of the day and week. Arbitron surveys thousands of radio markets through written “diaries” of listening habits filled out by a sampling of the public in each area.

In the Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood market, easy listening Life (WLYF
101.5 FM) was the most consistent leader, with the largest listening audience
from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays. As its mellow instrumental format is a popular
choice in the workplace, Life ranked especially high during weekday office

Hot-105 (WHQT 105.1 FM), which made its South Florida debut on Jan. 10,
blazed onto the winter Arbitron. Listeners ranked the Urban Contemporary (black
and crossover dance rock) station sixth among all South Florida FM and AM
stations. According to Arbitron surveys of specific age groups, Hot also proved
an all- day favorite with teens, and a nighttime choice for adults.

The coming of a new Hot competitor hit Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR)
station Y-100 (WHYI 100.7 FM) especially hard. Y-100 dropped two to three points
in nearly every category, though it still ranked as the second most listened-to
station in the market. Black music station WEDR (99.1 FM) felt the wrath of
Hot’s similar format, and lost about two points in every survey. Hot’s debut
also caused I-95 (WINZ 94.9 FM) to lose some ground with teens and adults.

Building up its local and Latin American news coverage boosted Spanish
language WQBA (1140 AM) to third place. Adult Contemporary WAXY (105.9 FM) had
its best book ever. An increase of women listeners boosted the station’s overall
ratings one to two points.

Women again chose easy listening Life as their favorite station,
followed by WQBA-AM, easy listening/adult contemporary

Joy (WJQY 106.7 FM), Y-100 and WAXY. Men also favored Life, but the
second most listened-to station among males age 18 and older was rock station
SHE (WSHE 103.5 FM), which also showed impressive gains with teens and women.

More listeners woke up to soft instrumentals than upbeat pop hits in the
winter. Life had the biggest share of listeners

from 6-10 a.m. weekdays, followed by WQBA-AM. The upbeat humor of the
Sonny Fox and his cohorts at Y-100 attracted the third largest weekday morning
listening audience, followed by Sandy Payton at WIOD-AM (with her best ratings
in at least a year).

News/talk stations are a popular nighttime choice of South Florida
listeners, topped only by rock and contemporary pop.

WINZ-AM’s evening talk show host Neil Rogers regained his popularity
with adult listeners. He was bested in the fall rating period by competitor Tom
Leykis at WNWS-AM. Rogers topped Leykis in individual surveys of men, women and
total audiences.

In the overall, weekly average survey of listeners age 12 and older,
WIOD was the top ranking news/talk station, followed by WNWS, WINZ and WGBS.

Other stations that made notable progress in the winter book included
country music station KISS (WKQS 99.9 FM) and classical music WTMI (93.1 FM).

See the accompanying chart for the Top 10 stations in categories of
total persons age 12 and older, men age 18 and older, women age 18 and older,
and teens.
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