All the recovered audio and photos are available for download.

  • Download, stream or torrent all the Neil we have recovered. No ads. No account needed. Shows 1982-2009. Best of. Soundboard Drops too!

Neil Rogers Show (1982-1998) MP3s

  • This archive includes all recovered Neil Rogers audio up to 1998. It also includes audio from Bill Calder, Randi Rhodes, Ron & Ron, Stan Major, Norm Kent, and other South Florida radio personalities.

Neil Rogers Show (1999-2009) MP3s

  • This archive has all the recovered Neil Rogers Shows from 1999 through 2009. It also includes tribute clips.

Neil Rogers Show – Best of CDs MP3s

  • All the best of audio CDs and drops used on the Soundboard.

Bob Lassiter Show

  • A big old pile of Bob Lassiter audio files. The ID3 tags aren’t as pretty as the other archives.

Neil Rogers – Photos

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