Joey Does Weekends

by AK - July 21, 2013

Sunday Night Bedtime Story BONUS for Mark Srebro, who requested a Joey story: I only have one, and it’s not a long one (i kno, i know… “Thank God” yer thinkin… )

In ‘94 or ‘95 Joey came back to do weekends on WIOD. I think Boy Gary did it just so Neil would have someone to rag on other than Boy Gary. And sadly, I got stuck board opping that show. (Notice I didn’t say “produce”.. I only board-opped… and FYI.. all producers HATED being called “board-op” unless they didn’t want to be associated with the show).

Every hour, of every show, of every week, Joey would play the same goddam bit over and over. And he’d spend 5 minutes setting it up. “He’s one of my favorite bits. It’s hilarious. It was funny to make. You’re gonna like it. I can’t wait to play it. Stand by, I’m gonna play it. It’s hilarious.” Ba-ba-ba-ba. I felt like the “I hate the bird” guy… “JUST PLAY IT ALREADY!”

What’s worse? it wasn’t funny. At all. It might have been 20 years prior, but by 1995 the double entendre humor of 1975 was beyond passe.. it was one step below the corniness of a “dad joke”.

So one saturday, after he left the building, I stole Joey’s “My Dog Sex” cart.

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