Gilbert interviews Ricky Schroder

by AK - July 13, 2013

One of my favorite Gilbert bits of all time was one I don’t even have a copy of.. I guess you guys have heard the R&S gilbert best of montage,… on the BIGFOOT Monster Truck, squeezing grapes in his butt, yelling “Syphooon” at Buffalo Bills fans.. but this one was my fav.. largely because knowing Gilbert how I did, I could predict exactly what would happen…

So in order to stay in favor with someone who often got us good guests for the show, they wanted us to interview Ricky Schroeder when he joined the cast of NYPD BLUE… Rick and Suds didn’t wanna really do it… not really their style… so Rick suggested that Gilbert come in and do the interview.. I about peed myself at the idea.

So I went home, did a little research, and wrote a few questions that I knew would be difficult for Gilbert to get thru…

And the first 2 questions I wrote down went like this: “Thanks for being with us today on the Rick and Suds show (knowing it would sound like “Wicken Suds”) First of all, do you prefer Rick or Ricky?” Second question: “So Rick (or Ricky), how do you like working on the new show?” Sure as there’s gravity Gilbert read it as “So Wick or Wicky..”

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