The Jorge Rodriguez Show (January 5, 2011)

Jorge Rodriguez, and “Boca” Britany Somers, live on SoFloRadio, along with Monica. Neil memories continue with Roger Magdalin, Brian “The Beast” London, Jeff Cohen, Jeff Rimer, Woody Graber, Gina Martell, and Henry Barrow. Roger was a producer at WIOD many years before Neil moved there, his first job was working on Bill Calder’s show, later he worked on Sandy Payton’s show, while listening to Neil, and later produced Neil’s show. He is responsible for most of the Larry King drops. Brian started as an intern at WQAM, worked with the sports department, and later was a fill in for Neil, if Jorge was not available. When Neil was doing play by play he would stop at the Pizza Loft to get take out on his way back home in Kendell. Jeff may have fed Neil on the air more anyone else. Rimer was one of the few guests that Neil would have on after he changed his format. Woody with his famous pony tail provided Neil with concert tickets, and icecream starting in the WZTA days. Gina wrote copy for Neil at WINZ, and she was about the only person besides Glen who was allowed in the studio once they were on the air. Henry started at WIOD in 1964 and lived through the changes that came over the years. He was liked and respected by Neil and most everyone else. Many fine Moe bits by Boca, and Jolynn Daniel’s Anniversary Song.

More: Friday memorial service for Neil Rogers open to the public

The Jorge Rodriguez Show (January 3, 2011)

The Jorge Rodriguez Show with “Boca” Britany Somers, and Monica on SoFloRadio. Continuing the Neil Rogers tribute shows with clips, bits, and guests.

Scott Ferrall (From Howard 101) talks about his time with Neil at WQAM, his battles with management, and Howard David. According to Scott, Neil was “the best talent that I’ve worked with, that includes Howard”.

Jeff DeForrest was first on the air with Neil at WINZ in 1984, then later on WIOD, and WQAM. Jeff brings up how Neil started talking about hosts, when at the time that was unheard of.

Rick and Suds together again after 10 years. This segment is really the History of Rick and Suds Part 1.

Joe Castello’s auto racing show has been nominated for “Best Internet Radio Show”.