The Jorge Rodriguez Show (January 7, 2011) “More Neil Rogers highlights throughout the years. While putting this together, Boca’s computer tower exploded like the BP Horizon. So the highlights end at two hours fifty five minutes. Enjoy!” Clip #1 from the last hour of Oct. 9, 1987 with Stan Major, Glen Hill, and Jay Michaels. Clip #2 part of the noon hour on Neil’s first day simulcasting on WSUN June 22, 1992. Clip #3 from Sept. 25, 1987 with The Bird. Clip #4 a little block of Phil Hendrie. Clip #5 repeats #2. Clip #6 is more vintage Phil. Sports songs, Neil, This is Your Life, and some Moe bits. Next the famous Frat Boy call from Sept. 21, 1999, Jimmy and Danny, the extended cut, Neil’s Anniversary Song, Peggy Lee wraps up the show with her hit, Is That All There Is?

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