Neil Rogers Show (January 19, 2007)

Neil gets temporarily banned from Myspace, Final rating numbers come in, Donald Trump gets fined by Palm beach for American Flag.. Blog: Thanks to a notorious chronic nutjob(who posed as Huh,Ethan ,etc) and sent complaints for spam violations, we still can’t respond to your messages. TOO MANY GAMEPLAYERS AND LUNATICS OUT THERE……..especially ONE!! Anyway, keep the messages and posts coming..I read them all. Hopefully, we’ll be back to normal soon, after we’re “INVESTIGATED”!!!! Oy!!!!!!!

Neil Rogers Show (January 18, 2007)

Myspace, Myspace and more Myspace. Oh, and the ratings come out. From his Blog: This…I PROMISE..will be the last time you read the kind of neurotic posts you saw here last night. One of my biggest weaknesses is impatience. Combine that with having been burned badly twice on here already and you have the ingredients for really psychotic behavior. It is very hard to develop trust of people on here…they are reluctant to give proof of who or what they are. But late last night and this morning I got two long, neat emails from my two best online buddies plus made a new friend on here as well. I keep telling you “Don’y take this site too seriously”..etc. And then I go nuts myself. Call last night a bad “hiccup” in my involvement with this thing. Won’t happen again. Like I’ve told is good here…no complaints….although we finally have snow on the ground today. When I hear the nightmares that some other people have been thru on here, I consider myself VERY LUCKY. I hear from some really teriffic people on here everyday and appreciate it. Back to enjoy a well-deserved(lol) day off!!! Later, the world’s oldest teenaged girl…NEIL / Well here we go sportsfans…Another crank…Ethan, with all the nearly nude pics, turns out to be a crank and has removed his fake profile. No problem there, but now I get home and the SEND feature looks like its sending out my emails, but it is not!! And they do NOT show up in the SENT column….???? Evidently, this faker has done something to screw up our site. If you don’t get a reply from your email tonite(Wed, 1/17) its because my replies don’t go out. Incoming seems fine. ANY IDEAS????? Thanks, Neil

Neil Rogers Show (January 9, 2007)

This is the show where Neil starts to lose his mind due to his addiction to Myspace. Myspace poll. Whole show about Myspace. From his Blog: Guess what?! I changed my mind. Thanks to Mat with one T, and new friend on here. In checking out his friends, I discovered Mark…the university of North Fla soccer player and male model. All I can say is…HOLY SHIT!!!! Screw Jacob…Mark is well on his way to being in my will….just for being ALIVE!!! Imagine…a living and breathing YOUNG guy in Florida……Maybe Mat will arrange an online matchup…strictly for VERBAL intercourse purposes. This site can be as much fun as you want it to be. Just don’t become addicted and take it for what it is. Never assume too much about the people you’re talking to unless you know them. As far as the Beasleys and Joe Bell are concerned, THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE AND WON’T GET ANY SMARTER. I’ll show up every day and do MY show the way I believe in doing it! In closing, MARK GOD!!!MMMMMMMMMMM…………..!!!!! this site, Part III didn’t really complete my thoughts earlier….the steam is still coming out of my ears. If I was on this site trolling for sex or looking to play games with people, then I’d deserve what I get. But the thing that gets me is that every one of these guys claims to love the show..listened for years..etc etc. Then what is to be gained by screwing with my emotions??? Why send somebody dozens of friendly emails and then DISAPPEAR”” For what??? I guess it makes for good conversation with their buddies…like junior high school locker room pranks. PLEASE get me out of this. There are many many really nice people on our site, but for me the fun is gone…it is now debilitating. It’s easy to say “quit doing this” but the alleged sincerity of these people gets me every time. I’ll say it again..Making an ONLINE FRIEND ON MYSPACE IS LIKE FINDING TEN MILLION DOLLARS CASH IN YOUR BACKYARD…FORGET ABOUT IT!!!! Pissed off and fired up…..

Neil Rogers Show (January 8, 2007)

Myspace Talk, Neil gets fed up with Joe Bell and starts playing Oldies Music. From his Blog: First, let me apologize to my listeners for the music on the show…but my patience with Joe Bell and the Beasleys is near an end. They have stubbornly refused to do anything to support my show, and the technical nightmare that’s been going on is just part of it. In all my years in the business I have never encountered anyone like “Jolly” Joe Bell….he will agree with everything you say, and proceed to do NOTHING. For those of you who think the crank callers are funny, you’ll have to tune in elsewhere to hear them. For these next two years(THE END) I will do the show the way I want….with OR without calls. It would be like writing a book to go thru all the insane things these people have done…suffice it to say they are pathetic. Amazingly, they consider themselves real broadcasters—I know, hold your laughter. Anyway, as of Tuesday, I’m going back to doing the show I believe in doing–with or without Joe Bell’s help. He is joly..and very full of shit. A real PAPER TIGER. joyce Fitch in Naples is running the show…farts and all. Have a great day!!!! Neil New link for show ——->