Neil Rogers Show (March 31, 2005)

Terry Schiavo passed away this morning, she was included in today’s poll because Neil posted it before she died. Neil says they have run out of cleb nudes, so today it is a nude that is not famous, and the Boone in the Box as a bonus. He plays audio of Moe Howard complaining about Neil, and yesterday’s show and poll. Taking calls, and the Rev. Jones got through. Plays a couple of really old bits.

Neil Rogers Show (March 23, 2005)

Hank/Neil crossover: Food talk, Seminole gambling talk

Food intensive

WQAM sales team ruined the show’s relationship with Jeff Cohen

Auction of the skillet the Virgin Mary grilled cheese was made in

Pope John Paul’s health

Gambling in South Florida

Steve Kane groupie Rev. Pat Mahoney involved with the Terri Schiavo case

Frankie’s Pizza delivers to Josh and Miguel

Online regulation

Beaded Curtain: Joy Behrman

Yesterday’s Poll: Best steak joints in Florida

Today’s Poll: Best pizza joints in Florida

Notes by Nick Gator

Florida pizza poll

Neil Rogers Show (March 17, 2005)

Hank/Neil crossover: MLB misleading Congress over their steroid policy in hearings, Fat Boy’s donut eating, college basketball gambling, Moe getting close to signing an extension with WQAM

MLB Congressional hearings coverage

RIP Bill Lehman

Florida governors reviewed

Marlins exhibition game canceled – who will be filling in?

Dolphins radio on 790 ends the Moe/Mandich announce team – Boog Sciambi is the early favorite to be the new play by play guy with
several former Dolphins being considered for color man

Robert Blake acquitted

Terry Schiavo federal legislation

Crazy mid-level management at WQAM

Body wash

Beaded Curtain: Lucy Liu

Yesterday’s Poll: What group or artist should be in the Rock and Roll HOF but isn’t?

Today’s Poll: The radio talk show host you dislike the most is…

Notes by Nick Gator

Neil Rogers Show (March 15, 2005)

Hank/Neil crossover: WQAM has lost the Dolphins to 790! Duff was monitoring Neil’s show yesterday, Gus Frerotte has signed and will compete with AJ Feeley for the starting quarterback job

Fat Boy ate three boxes of Krispy Kreme Donuts yesterday, Josh ate ten from one box and has jury duty today

Who will be the Dolphins announcers on 790?

Body wash talk

CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer

Technical difficulties

“Fantasy” letter from Greg Reed about the loss of the Dolphins

Seventh Heaven

FCC responds to the Terrell Owens/Nicollette Sheridan Monday Night Football intro

Dick Clark’s health

Joyce and corporate

The Vatican attacks The Da Vinci Code

Jack Abramoff

Today’s Beaded Curtain: Lil Kim

Yesterday’s Poll: If Hillary and Condoleezza were the presidential candidates in 2008, who would you vote for?

Today’s Poll: Embarrassing in your car or house…

Notes by Nick Gator