Neil Rogers Show (August 31, 2004)

Chaos with the WQAM schedule
POLL: Are you panicky about Hurricane Frances?
Body Count band
Lady holds up the turnpike
19:00 Neil is against charging access to websites
19:55 Amish in the City song
Brian Norcross and Miss Kamal
POLL: What are you most concerned about now?
Don’t vote for Alex Penis
hockey ticket racket
Rick Shaw
Bush says the War on Terror could not be won
Why does Greg hate Jorge?
Voter fraud with electronic ballots
driver severs head of passenger in accident, drives home and goes to sleep
Stan Major
Will Cubans vote for Bush?
Bush vs Kerry polls



Neil Rogers Show (August 30, 2004)

Trends were good
NEIL predicts Kerry is going to lose election
POLL: How panicky are you about Hurricane Francis
NEIL says that Stern Show repeats material in the same show
Hank is still suspended
Stern Show has a strong or weak signal in different areas
Some GOP want Jeb! in 2008
Kerry daughters
Was Nov 2001 plane crash an accident or terrorism?
Caller tries to promote his gay talk show – then faxes.
Is Tom Jicha missing?
NEIL is burned out on Amersterdam and Europe
NEIL reads article on the risks of subprime mortgages


Neil Rogers Show (August 10, 2004)

Howard Stern is coming to WQAM, Joe Rose is on The Ticket, Hank has been suspended, and Neil can’t talk about it. They are going to have a triple “dump” system, with Duff having the final say. Jamba’s real name is Jerone. Follow the link to see Boca, and Skippy on Segways, watch the Ricky Williams Tribute Video, and read David Ross’s Confidential Howard Stern Memo.
The Neil Rogers August 10, 2004