Neil Rogers Show (January 27, 2004)

POLL 1: What would life on Mars mean?

Fax tells NEIL he is wrong about Howard Dean and that if Kerry is nominated he will lose.

Power goes out in Toronto. NEIL has to do the show from a backup generator.

Then the backup fails and NEIL calls in to do radio via his phone.

The show finishes with the Happy Together Parody with Moe and Ferrall.

Neil Rogers Show (January 23, 2004)

Neil has a rough voice.

Dan La Bastard finally wrote a good column.

Palm Beach Prosecutors offered to let Rush plead guilty and enter a treatment facility as he is facing at least 10 felonies.

POLL 1: Why are the Marlins not selling tickets?

POLL 2: All time favorite South Florida TV personality.

Mike Bloomberg making up lies about Robert Atkins.

Suds Coleman calls the show.

Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) died

Neil Rogers Show (January 16, 2004)

Neil in studio – screenless
Barry Jackson
Scott Ferrall
POLL: Which do you care most about? (long list)
NEIL doesn’t understand how Kerry is rising in the polls
more on the end of the Moe truce
South Beach Diet is an Atkins ripoff
woman found a condom in soup
Michael Jackson arraignment
1 PM Ratings – Heavy Latin book

Neil Rogers Show (January 15, 2004)

Neil ends the Moe truce
Mosley-Brown exits POTUS race
False rumors about Joe Rose being suspended
POLL results: Archie Bunker beats Homer Simpson and Al Bundy for best TV character
POLL 1: Your take on the Bush space program idea
POLL 2: Whose picture would be beside the word asshole in a dictionary?
Paul O’Neill book disappoints
POLL 3: Should WQAM bring back Scott Ferrall?