Neil Rogers Show (September 22, 2003)

Stevie Nicks on music and MTV
Scott Ferrall accuses NEIL of narcing on him.
technical difficulties – station can’t play spots
POLL: Should white only clubs and groups be permitted in the US?
POLL results: Favorite dead musician
NEIL is in Toronto
POLL 2: Favorite dead person not on a previous poll
Thanks for Calling lady (Faye Winters) died in 2002
Phil Spector
Carl Sagan – Cosmos
Music talk
Orson Welles
Wesley Clark
NEIL reads news

carl sagan

Neil Rogers Show (September 17, 2003)

Ferrall/Neil crossover: Hockey and Marlins talk, “all spots radio”

Dolphins plan tribute to Celia Cruz

RIP Don Cox, Garner Ted Armstrong, and Sheb Wooley

Hurricane Isabel is headed to Virginia

New Saddam tape

Americans know nothing about the rest of the world

Wednesday 1-2 hour!

Yesterday’s poll: Who’s the biggest nerd of them all?

Today’s first poll: Who would you like to see as the Democratic presidential candidate next year?

Today’s second poll: Who’s your favorite dead political figure?