Neil Rogers Show (August 27, 2003)

Crossover with Scott Ferrall: Rick Weaver, Moe Howard
moving the 10 Commandments Monument in Alabama
POLL: Greatest play by play Dolphins announcer
Poll results: Favorite dead radio
15:00 Moelicious, I’m Listening
Jim Mandich keychain
Chicago shooting in progress
POLL 2: Why don’t you listen to the Moe David Howard Show?
Soda vs Pop
Football player falls through ceiling after Reverend served booze to minors
Fat Rich lost weight
Best of NEIL 2002-2003 goes on sale today
Moe Howard David keychains
Rabbi takes money from program for disabled preschoolers
NEIL ate too much bacon
Lots of bits in last hour


Neil Rogers Show (August 21, 2003)

Crossover with Scott Ferrall: Nolan Ryan, Does the Beast hate Moe David Howard?, hockey players
ratings show
POLL Results: Which move do you wish they would make a sequel to?
Hillary Clinton book reading
Phil Hendrie interview with Ann Coulter
Dick Clark
Charles Heston
Bowling For Columbine
25:07 On the Toilet song (In the ghetto)
NEIL is leaning out and running on a treadmill
Robert Atkins
POLL: Which political personality do you admire the most?
NEIL loves Michael Moore
Scott Ferrall article
Callers slam Jorge for being angry
1:20:00 Ratings
We’re #1 Dammit!
NEIL mentioned in article on The Nation
1:26:35 Neil wants to build a statue of Scott Ferrall
lots of bits in last hour


Neil Rogers Show (August 14, 2003)

Crossover with Scott Ferrell: WQAM stories
Marlins start at 1pm
Neil is not going to lunch with Moe
Joe Rose is waiting to take over Moe’s slot
POLL Results: I’d rather not be…
POLL: Worst regularly schedule TV program of all time…
Moe David Howard keychain
2 priest stories
Fat Rich has lost weight
Pete Sampras has monkey hands
old TV talk
NEIL hangs up on callers that makes multiple suggestions


Neil Rogers Show (August 12, 2003)

Missing audio from show start
0:03:40 Hillary clinton reading edited book bit
POLL: What TV show did you watch for hot people?
Moe Howard sucks.
22 foot stool call
Mark Eisenberg
sugar free treats give Neil 2 hours of diarrhea
Gov Arnold
Media trying to make the Kobe Bryant story the next OJ Simpson
Lorenzo Lamas
Willie Aames Bible Man
lots of bits in last hour