Best of Neil Rogers 2001


Best of Neil Rogers 2001

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1: The Joe And Bo Show(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
2: Bo Got The Powah(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
3: Blubber Thighs(Hazardous Comedy Network)
4: Racer Joe(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
5: Miss Cleo(American Comedy Network)
6: Fat Girls On A Talk Show(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
7: Sister Nappy Hair(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
8: Dealer(Hazardous Comedy Network)
9: Tar Baby(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
10: Walkin' Slow(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
11: Crow Da Schwo(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
12: First Team With Alonzo(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
13: Sports Widows(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
14: Yenemsvelt School(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
15: AT&T Phone Scam(Hazardous Comedy Network)
16: Dick Head Phone Scam(Hazardous Comedy Network)
17: Fruckers James 'n Jelly(Hazardous Comedy Network)
18: Bobs Corn Hole(Hazardous Comedy Network)
19: Maria's Taco(Hazardous Comedy Network)
20: Brown's Tar(Hazardous Comedy Network)
21: Liquor Box(Hazardous Comedy Network)
22: When I Was The President(Hazardous Comedy Network)
23: President Dumbshit(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
24: Bush Babbles On(Hazardous Comedy Network)
25: George's Girls(Hazardous Comedy Network)
26: Fry A Kike(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
27: Cheney's Heart Is Old(American Comedy Network)
28: Gary Condit Home Search(Hazardous Comedy Network)
29: Reno's Not Through(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
30: Shake Janet Reno(KJ)
31: Cock and Mouth Disease(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
32: Butt Pirates Of The Caribbean(Hazardous Comedy Network)
33: Find A New Boyfriend(Hazardous Comedy Network)
34: Lasted Long Enough For You(Hazardous Comedy Network)
35: It's My Wife(Hazardous Comedy Network)
36: Another Baby(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
37: Pray I'm Not Pregnant(Hazardous Comedy Network)
38: She Got Knocked Up(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
39: Anna Kournikova Tennis Camp(Hazardous Comedy Network)
40: Tent(Hazardous Comedy Network)
41: Hates Vagina(Hazardous Comedy Network)
42: Jerri In Playboy(Hazardous Comedy Network)
43: Homeless Oompas(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
44: Monkey Man(Hazardous Comedy Network)
45: Miami Grammys(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
46: McGloughlin Group(Hazardous Comedy Network)
47: Refund Check(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
48: Stocks Faded(Hazardous Comedy Network)
49: Rolling Stone(Boca Brian (Boca Britany Somers))
50: Richer(Hazardous Comedy Network)
51: Sorry Michael Jackson(American Comedy Network)
52: No One Cares(American Comedy Network)

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The Boca Show

Neil Rogers Show (March 15, 2001)

Uncle Neil on WQAM is giving away tickets to the Leafs game, but only to a real fan. There are no carts of PP from Pembroke Pines. Stan Major gave Neil many tapes, and CDs, some blasts from the past like Elvis is Everywhere by Mojo Nixon, and Skid Roper. Dinner with Craig. Today’s poll – What does Neil say to piss you off?