Neil Rogers Show (December 7, 1999)

John Henry conference
Ike Seamans
Neil challenges John Henry. Will walk away for $1 million
Stadium talk
“John Henry is The Bird”
boxer died
Morning Team screening calls to John Henry
calls about the Backstreet Boys concert
what morning show do you listen to?
Dolphin players that beat their wives
Old lady request bit, walks away from radio and calls back to re-request bit
Jimmy Johnson
What do Julios want to hear?
Caller says Neil can’t be making much money on AM Radio
Attack Neil
Neil likes John Schneider
Westlife – Flying without Wings

Neil Rogers Show (December 2, 1999)

Seattle WTC Riots
Tobacco lawsuits
President Clinton – best President in Neil’s life.
article “Aborted Crime Wave”
Hanukkah History
1:07:11 Smoke Smoke Smoke that cigarette
Treating smokers like criminals
Neil rips Tom Jicha for not liking The Jeffersons
2:31:30 Green apple quick step story
2:49:03 Happy Purim lady calls