Neil Rogers Show (August 26, 1999)

Marcy returns to Walgreens
Lack of security at MIA
American Airlines smuggling Hand grenades and automatic weapons
Operation Ramp Rats
Terminal C and D
Let Henry Build His Own Ballpark For Marlins by ESTHER WARREN
Love Walgreens, Hate Eckerds
Responding to Europe critics from yesterday
Poor Education for Blacks
cops taking their cars home
Woman Robbed by American Airlines contractors
Caller recounts terrorist attempt on American West in 1996
Airline employees stealing from pilots and passengers
“Foot flusher”
Airline worker calls
American Eagle
American worker explains security flaws

Neil Rogers Show (August 25, 1999)

Linda Robertson
women covering sports is a joke
George W Bush stiff drug law
Sports Role Models
Ted Williams
American Airlines drug smuggling ring
Liddy Dole
Newsweek is liberal?
Stuart Taylor Jr. – Why The Story Matters…
Columba Bush
Cokie Roberts
Tom Selleck
Waiting for Tony Martin verdict
Rants about Miami columnists
caller from Guatemala
Spain, Naples, Berlin

Neil Rogers Show (August 24, 1999)

Morning Show
Brian Murray
reboot the phone system
Dan Marino
buying a candy var at Eckerds
Cops selling guns
Crazy people shopping like hurricane is coming
Goody two shoes newspapers
Students having sex
Jennifer Lopez ugly
rush to judgement on Tony Martin laundering drug money
George W Bush drug use
Neil rants about sandwiches
Godfathers Pizza
lighting round
Joe Suzaki