Neil Rogers Show (March 30, 1999)

Sonny Hirsch’s funeral
Pavel out for season
Panthers might still make playoffs
school prayer
radio memories: Bill Cosford, Dick Casper
Neil imagines his own funeral
Neil doesn’t do funerals.
Jorge’s accountant David calls
Doctor Mark calls
2:32:56 original Old Jewish Guy Named Eisen phone call
2:34:30 Hank joins Neil in studio
Neil pounds on wall – loud music down the hall

Neil Rogers Show (March 29, 1999)

Cuban baseball game
Media pandering to anti-Cubans
Michael Putney
Lady challenges NEIL for wearing a Maple Leaf jacket
NEIL rips Greg Reed for technical issues
Hyphenated Americans
selective hysteria
NEIL below 200 pounds, vows never to go above 200 again.
1974-1975 – NEIL lost 100 pounds (he went from 270 to 170)
NEIL was back up to 240 when he went to WIOD
WQAM is the only station that can be heard in Cuba (not blocked)
WQAM isn’t paying their bills
NEIL chats with his Doctor Mark about blood tests
2:30:03 Al Goldstein calls in to talk about Amsterdam, Cubans, sugar and Screw mag on the web

Neil Rogers Show (March 24, 1999)

0:03:00 I want to be a wrestler by Boca
Morning Show loaded with commercials and updates
POLL: which profession has the most gays?
Greg Reed spreading mono
Pavel injured
34:30 Ed Burliner
early WQAM jingles
co-ed wrestling
Jeb Bush favors soft drinks in schools
NEIL in great mood
Do women write graffiti in the bathroom stalls?
2:17:10 Kind of Fag by Boca
NEIL tells story about being a 16 year old wrestling with a guy on the floor.
2:33:00 The How Dare You? call
more trashing of Ed Burliner

Neil Rogers Show (March 22, 1999)

Tourists are leaving Florida earlier every year
Three-Month Fever: The Andrew Cunanan Story
limbo vs purgatory
Sticking your penis under the stall
liver detoxing
Neil watch VH1
Power 96 is cranking the music again
Mickey Rourke lady calls
Neil hates doctors
Neil says he is leaving town
4 types of callers fax
screenless last hour

Neil Rogers Show (March 19, 1999)

dead guy in street outside WQAM
Boobs a Lot
Neil wants to buy a new desk for the Program Director
wresting photo
31:30 I want to be a wrestler – Boca Brian / Britney
Neil reads health numbers, concerned about high protein
Wally Szczerbiak
Don Imus
God pods
Neil rips Dave Hyde column
Miami: chicken parts tossed in the street
wrestlers call up NEIL to say they aren’t gay
Caller sings the Michigan State school song. Neil plays fart sounds.
short show due to Marlins baseball
Jorge and Joe Castello take over for the last 20 minutes.
Jorge proposes a new church
Scientology investigator calls